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(no subject)
the x files `` requiem 2
Two fics I wrote for xfirefly9x 

Title: Soul Alight.
Rating: M
Word Count: 261
Beta'd: No
Fandom: The X Files
Pairing: Mulder/Reyes
Request for:</a></b></a>xfirefly9x
Summary: Mulder muses on his relationship with Agent Reyes, and what to do about his feelings.

Here @ dierevolution 

& the continuation...

Title: Dreaming of You.
Rating: M - fluff
Word Count: 206
Fandom: The X Files
Pairing: Fox/Monica
Request for: </a></b></a>xfirefly9x
Summary: As mulder drifts off to sleep, he dreams a little dream.
Continuation of Soul Alight.

Here @ dierevolution 

Reyes - xf
To encourage posting, here's a challenge. I'll leave it open for 2 weeks. The deadline for entries is May 31. After that date if there are enough entries I'll post a poll for voting.

Fanfiction: Write a piece 100 words or more based on the prompt "alone".

Graphics: Create icons and/or banners and/or walls based on song lyric/s of your choice.

Remember, entries are due between now and May 31. Have fun!

Reyes - xf
This is a comm based on the relationship between Mulder and Reyes of The X Files. All fanfiction, fanart and material relating to Mulder, Reyes and the actors who play them is very welcome. Bashing and flaming is not tolerated.

Enjoy your time here and if you have any questions ask away.