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Reyes - xf
xfirefly9x wrote in mulder_reyes
This is a comm based on the relationship between Mulder and Reyes of The X Files. All fanfiction, fanart and material relating to Mulder, Reyes and the actors who play them is very welcome. Bashing and flaming is not tolerated.

Enjoy your time here and if you have any questions ask away.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh true. I searched for a Mulder/Reyes comm before I made this, couldn't find one. Sucks it was abandoned/deleted. But yesss.. anyway. :)
Glad there's someone else interested. Am looking forward to seeing your MRR stuff! ♥

Oh, yes. I don't know how you found me to add me--the xf_pornbattle, perhaps?--but I'm definitely interested. :)

I found you through an interests search for 'mulder/reyes'. Hope you don't mind.

but I'm definitely interested. :)

:) Awesome!

I don't mind at all! I've written a couple of these before. They're definitely a guilty pairing of mine. Thanks and looking forward to the commmunity :)

Awesome. Welcome to the comm. :)

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