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the x files `` requiem 2
dierevolution wrote in mulder_reyes
Two fics I wrote for xfirefly9x 

Title: Soul Alight.
Rating: M
Word Count: 261
Beta'd: No
Fandom: The X Files
Pairing: Mulder/Reyes
Request for:</a></b></a>xfirefly9x
Summary: Mulder muses on his relationship with Agent Reyes, and what to do about his feelings.

Here @ dierevolution 

& the continuation...

Title: Dreaming of You.
Rating: M - fluff
Word Count: 206
Fandom: The X Files
Pairing: Fox/Monica
Request for: </a></b></a>xfirefly9x
Summary: As mulder drifts off to sleep, he dreams a little dream.
Continuation of Soul Alight.

Here @ dierevolution 


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